Thursday, 20 June 2013

TV repair in Bangalore

TV repair in Bangalore:

hi, now iam going to explain how to repair T.v. A lot of customers once they  dismantle their TV and remove the bulb; will have something looking similar to  this. This is out of the Sony TV, this one right here is out of a Mitsubishi DLP  TV. Most DLP bulbs are the bulb itself and then they are in the plastic housing  that is removable. Usually the bulbs are attached to the TV in one screw. When  you remove the bulb from the TV you wanna make sure when handling the bulb,  especially the new bulbs, that you’re wearing gloves that will prevent the oils  from your finger from coming into contact with the lens. This is to prevent any  heat spots from being created while the bulb is being used those heat sports can  cause the bulb prematurely burn or cause different issues with the optical  assembly in your TV. Proper handling: is you always wanna avoid contacting the  front of the lens. Most bulb housings don’t need to be replaced you just need to  replace the bulb inside with an original Osram or Phillips option. You also want  to make sure you have Camtronics . A lot of people have canned air. Canned air  alone isn’t good enough. There are a lot of different brands out there. We stick  with the 3M brand and that’s the best brand. It’s what our technicians use. It  doesn’t leave residue, it doesn’t cause short circuiting. You wanna follow the  instructions on the can. Visit our site

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